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  1. A New Vision of Gas

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A New Vision of Gas


De Dominique Mockly


Débats publics - juin 2019

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    In the fight against global warming, we have tried everything – except gas! At a point when compliance with the goals set at COP21 is growing ever more distant, there is no place for dogmatism. In order to protect the planet and decrease CO2 emissions as rapidly as possible, it is time to utilise the potential for innovation linked to this natural resource. Gas is and will continue to be the best ally of ecological transition.

    By shedding this unexpected light on the hidden qualities of gas, Dominique Mockly has reignited a comprehensive debate on the environment and the green economy. Battling against stereotypes and simplistic solutions, this acknowledged expert on energy rejects the prevailing consensus and preconceived ideas. No, not all fossil fuels are the enemy of the environment. Better still, gas can help to accelerate the development of renewable energy sources.

    The environmental crisis deserves better than slogans making a show of good intentions. In this spirited and well-researched publication, the author delivers more than just conviction – he advocates concrete solutions to help achieve ecological aspirations while guaranteeing the necessary balance for our societies. His approach, which is unwaveringly bold and impassioned, will appeal to all those seeking enlightenment on the mysterious world of energy. 



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